Chicco Molinari
Vice Captain
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In the last few days, I’ve read on Facebook and other websites so many ignorant comments, about Chicco Molinari’s appointment as Vice Captain of Team Europe at the next Ryder Cup in Rome.

All right, we know, we are in the world of surfers (of the web), but reading the flood of nonsense made me smile and a bit also p….off.

Here are a few: – This is the proof that competitive golf does not exist in Italy! (We are World Amateur Team Champions). – The Vice Captain is a sop because we play in Italy! .- Role bordering on uselessness! (I explain later the importance of a Vice Captain). – Incomprehensible decision, Vice Captain who doesn’t deserve it at all! (then I explain the importance of Chicco as Vice Captain).

I’ll stop here otherwise this post would be dedicated to Sunday players, yes, those who steal on the course for a plastic cup, fight on the green of 18 because the other has stepped on the putt line for 97 and at the Bar they tell you all their 100 shots one by one…….and they are convinced that the Cup is called Raider or Rider.

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I make a premise, I would have made Chicco Molinari play, I repeat in Ryder and in Match Play experience and balls (not game balls) count more, when you find yourself a decisive two-meter putt or you have to put next to the pin from 90 meters, your whole life cannot cross your mind, to then make a bad shot, it takes someone who, even if he is not shining in stroke play, puts it close or holes that putt that a novice would see the hole with two cm. in diameter. Chicco played three Ryders, winning them all, the last one in Paris we know how it went, 5 matches won out of 5.

However I understand Luke Donald, the choice of 6 Wild Cards is huge and I’m sure that before offering him the position of Vice Captain he thought about it a million times and not being able to choose either Garcia or Poulter because they left the European DP World Tour, I am sure that Chicco would have chosen it for the reasons I have stated. But since the role of Captain is also diplomatic, he would have risked a lot of criticism and surely they would have accused him of Italian parochialism because he is playing in Rome. Then I really think it was Chicco himself who pulled away so as not to embarrass him and because he knows his state of play.

We come to the choice of Vice Captain, to respond to the ignorant who think it is a useless role and a sweetener. The Vice Captain is a very important role, first of all because they have to follow the players during matches and on Sunday there are 12 of them, then it’s not true that they don’t give advice, they can do it and when they can they do it willingly, giving a hand noticeable to players. It doesn’t always happen, but they are always ready if necessary and their advice is certainly not trivial. Just see the list of Vice Captains, of which two are former Ryder winning Captains.

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In addition this year there is the novelty of Edoardo Molinari, chosen by Stenson for his statistical skills, in fact he carries out this activity on the Tours and there are several players who make use of this service that the Engineer has invented and shaped on the skills of him.

Ok, the ball is round, but nowadays analyzing a whole series of statistical data, linked to the shape and characteristics of each player, will be an added value that the Americans don’t have and if they do, certainly not at all. level of the Engineer of the Polytechnic of Turin.

As for Chicco, his calm and thoughtfulness, experience and habit of winning will be fundamental in trying to bring the Cup back to Europe, a not easy undertaking given the squadron that the Americans will field.

One last note, certainly relevant that perhaps keyboard lions don’t know: Those who participate in the Ryder, Players, Captains, Vice Captains, Caddies and so on and so forth, don’t get a penny. Perhaps, I’m not sure, but I think it’s the only professional sporting event where the participants are not paid (apart from the usual reimbursements for travel, accommodation and meals), but there is no monetary prize for playing, but only the honor of representing your team and your continent.

By the way, tell your friends that they watch it on TV, they are watching the most watched televised sporting event in the world after the Olympics and the World Cup and it is unique entertainment, in spite of those who consider Golf a boring sport.


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Author: Michele Pani

After 35 years of hotel management and 47 years of golf, I help companies, entrepreneurs and managers to establish themselves and obtain the pre-set results.


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