IGTM 2022 Roma

Today I’m writing about my recent participation in IGTM (International Golf Travel Market), the most important Trade Show in the world dedicated only to Golf and Tourism.

This year it was held for the first time in Rome, above all to let world golf operators know that Rome is not only art, museums, history and good food, but offers a panorama of top-level golf courses that allow you to combine a classic Roman holiday with the most touristic sport on the planet.

In fact, the day before the Exhibition, various Tournaments were held, reserved for operators in various courses of the Capital City and above all at Marco Simone, venue of next year’s Ryder Cup. The Exhibition have had great success, both for exhibitors and buyers, but the absence (in my opinion, unfair) of IAGTO meant that some aspects that distinguished it in past editions were missing, first and foremost the Golf Awards at the closing dinner.

Italy was present in full force and this is very positive because finally golf operators and others are starting to understand the importance of this segment to increase their business with tourism, especially in the low season. There were also several Golf Clubs that are investing in this sector, with the hope that we no longer have to see plates on the doors of the Clubs with the words “Reserved for Members only”.

The future and I would say the only hope of survival of golf in Italy is tourism!


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Author: Michele Pani

After 35 years of hotel management and 47 years of golf, I help companies, entrepreneurs and managers to establish themselves and obtain the pre-set results.


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