It’s Wednesday at the Masters.

I believe that no sporting event in the world has a day like the Wednesday Par 3 Contest at the Masters.

Finally, after two years of pandemic, in which this race did not take place, tonight this one-of-a-kind party returns in all its beauty. It is not just a competition, but above all it is an explosion of joy, friendship and love from all, and not only, the participants in the most iconic World Golf Tournament of the year.

The nine-hole par 3 competition is real, even if no one wants to win it, because since its first edition in 1960, no one has ever managed the feat of winning the Par 3 Contest and the Masters in the same year, but all the greats put the same commitment and dedication into achieving victory.

But the beauty is that all their loved ones are with them, so we see children, wives, grandmothers, aunts and old players, all on the pitch with the legendary white uniform of the Caddy of Augusta.

Many of them then play a few strokes, so you can see Nicklaus’ nephew’s hole in one, complete with bulky white overalls, celebrated by the great Grampa, Gary Player and Tom Watson as if he had pocketed the final putt to win the Masters, or Angela, Sergio Garcia’s beautiful wife, miss a 10cm putt in front of her enraged husband with her Spanish grin.

This is the Wednesday of the Masters, something unique and unrepeatable that only American genius could show off. Unmissable!!!! and tomorrow we start at 07.40 with the Inaugural Tee Shot of the Greatest of all time finally with one of the Greatest ever: Tom Watson!!!!

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Author: Michele Pani

After 35 years of hotel management and 47 years of golf, I help companies, entrepreneurs and managers to establish themselves and obtain the pre-set results.


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