LIV TOUR Lots of money without practicing

The LIV Golf Exhibition Circuit is destroying the most beautiful sport in the world.

First of all because it is totally financed by Saudi Arabia, I have to admit that many PGA Tour tournaments have Saudi financial influence, but the format and above all the method introduced to guarantee hundreds of thousands of dollars even to the last one who scores more than 80 strokes, is immoral and has nothing to do with real the sport.

Despite the Fans of this pseudo-circuit insisting that this is the future of sport and that they pity the poor Pros who travel around America for 11 months to participate in the PGA Tour tournaments (that is to say the real poor people who take two buses, a train and a subway to go to work from Connecticut to New York). The fact is that players close to the Senior Tour but who did not make a Top 10 on the Main Tours even paid them the prize money have jumped into this circuit.

For example, Gream McDowell who spits on the plate where he has eaten for so many years, citing a PGA Tour slave method that no longer allowed him to see his family, makes you smile, but also a little  pss.d off. If he didn’t want to play all over America, it was enough that he only played the tournaments in Florida (where he lives) which are not few, the problem with him is that the TOP 30 were a dream for him. He now he earns more than 10th of Fedex thanks to the LIV Tour suspicious money.

Luckily most serious players are snubbing this Exhibition Tour and especially Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods have taken a strong stand against this hoax.

To conclude, if the winners of the first three LIV exhibition tournaments were Carl Schwartzel, Branden Grace and Enrik Stenson, who hadn’t won for more than 10 years, it says a lot and one last word about Stenson who as Captain Ryder decides to go and get the Arabs’ money and get kicked out (rightly) is not a good example, but above all he will be forgotten in the history of golf greats even if he won The Open Championship.

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Author: Michele Pani

After 35 years of hotel management and 47 years of golf, I help companies, entrepreneurs and managers to establish themselves and obtain the pre-set results.


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